Investor Finance Trust

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Investors Lending to Investors
[in and around the Houston area]

If your looking for fast financing without jumping through the fiery hoops, check the following:

Criteria for Financing:

Loans From $50,000.00, and Up

1yr. Loans, Interest Only Payments

LTV Depending On Condition Of Collateral, Very Flexible!

1st. Lien Position Required

Only 1% Interest Per Month (12% APR)

Mortgagee Title Policy Required

1-3 Week Closing (Depending Upon Title Company)

Single Family Homes In Houston & Surrounding Areas

Loan Determined By Collateral, Not Borrower

No Prepayment Penalty

Approval Response 3 Days (average).

We Buy Existing Notes - Whole Or Partial

Investor Finance Trust schedule of fees as of 1/1/2024:

(plus applicable title company & attorney fees)

$50/day For Reserving Funds Beyond A 10 Day Closing [$500.00 min]*

$495.00 Inspection Fee*

$500.00 Transaction Cancellation Fee*

$500.00 Loan Application Fee (Due At Closing)

* (due upon written Loan Commitment)